I’m a vocal embodiment pioneer, weaving together over 10 years experience as a musician and professional music therapist with the ancient wisdom of tantra and yoga. I’ve helped hundreds of women liberate their voices and achieve their dreams of performing and speaking in public.


Heavy vibrations like shame, guilt and fear can cause the voice to get stuck in the body, leaving little to no access to genuine pleasure, joy and aliveness. I get to the root of these blockages to awaken your innate ecstatic essence. 


I guide women into the depths of their vibration to reclaim their voice and self-expression to clearly articulate their desires and contribute to the health of society.

  • Trust your intuitive guidance. Establish and reconnect with a spiritual singing practice.

  • Prioritize your creative life and explore your hand at songwriting.

  • Celebrate the miracle of your natural gifts and allow yourself the opportunity to witness how prioritizing pleasure and play can enhance productivity.